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University EPOS

Loughborough University - University EPOS

How do you get 15,000 students to use a nutritional information website a total of 65,000 times a week? It takes a serious amount of ingenuity, yet Loughborough University’s Imago Services, the in-house catering services and hospitality department have succeeded in the arduous task.
By correlating the nutritional data with the food coming out of the university kitchens, they are helping students make the right healthy purchasing decisions and by really listening to what the customer wants they now have one of the most innovative systems in the UK.

This unique approach was brought about by collaboration between cashless payment specialists MCR Systems and Starlogic, and culminated in Loughborough University winning a major industry award earlier in the year.

Stand Alone EPOS System

One of the key advantages of the EPOS system is that the Uniwell POS terminals can operate as stand alone although they are fully networked, which is important should there ever be a network problem. Easy to use, fast and reliable are the words our customers tend to use when describing the POS. The Back Office management software is extremely comprehensive and again easy to use and with this dovetailed into the innovative Symphony Reports suite it makes for a very powerful system.

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