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EPOS Systems

Uniwell supply a range of Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) systems, including restaurant epos, cafes, bar epos, take-aways (fast food epos), quick service, stadium, night clubs and retail epos systems. The installation base of Uniwell EPOS terminals is vast with over 50,000 units installed in the UK alone. Suitable for individual outlets or large multiple retailers our EPOS systems can be installed on PC based networks.

The Uniwell embedded EPOS solutions offer a robust, reliable and affordable point of service solution focusing on speed of service and ease of use. A choice of designs are available to suit style of operation or budget and come complete with the Uniwell POS software embedded on the machine, designed for POS use they deliver time and time again.

HX-2500 EPOS System
HX-4500 EPOS System
HX-1500 EPOS System
  The NEW Uniwell HX-2500 EPOS has a high performance 10.1" bezel-free wide  screen EPoS terminal for Hospitality and General Retail use. Reporting can be carried our via the terminal, back office software or via Cloud Reporting options.   The HX-4500 is a new generation of POS terminal with a 15" bezel-free true-flat touch screen that is a combination of Embedded POS and PC POS technology including an interface to the Uniwell Phoenix handheld solution.   The HX1500 is a small footprint, cost effective EPoS terminal with a 10.4" bexel-free touch screen using the same combination of Embedded POS and PC POS technology as the other EPoS terminals in the Uniwell HX Series.
AX-3000 EPOS System
HX-4000 EPOS System
DX-795 EPOS System
  The AX-3000 all in one POS solution that combines the rock solid reliability and performance of embedded POS terminals with the flexibility of PC based technology. The AX-3000 brings control back to your business and provides innovative tools.   The HX-4000 is a new generation of POS terminal that is a combination of Embedded POS and PC POS technology including fast power on/off, secure from viruses and hacking, remote access and interface to the Phoenix handheld   The Uniwell DX795 is an entry level Touch Screen EPOS terminal with reliable Uniwell Embedded Technology in a compact cabinet. Low cost yet high performance make this EPOS terminal perfect for a range of retail and hospitality environments.


A Tough and Reliable EPOS System

With no hard drives or moving parts a Uniwell EPOS system is tough and reliable, withstanding the knocks, bangs and harsh conditions of hospitality and retail. Completely fanless these machines have no vents to suck in dirt or that can be covered by menus, order pads etc. preventing overheating problems that many other systems suffer from.

We offer a range of off the shelf back office and HQ software solutions like EPOS Office or EPOS Central to suit all sizes of operators, we also cater for bespoke requirements. Some of our larger clients have thousands of POS terminals connected back to a centralised PC allowing product and price changes, reporting, data warehousing etc.

Uniwell Touch Screen EPOS systems offer a robust, reliable and affordable point of sale solution focusing on speed of service and ease of use. A choice of designs are available to suit style of operation or budget and come complete with the Uniwell POS software embedded on the machine.

All Uniwell touch screens use a dual backlight system to provide an ultra high brightness display for extra visibilty within any lighting conditions.

Reliable Touch Screen POS

Uniwell touch screen POS systems are built to be tough and reliable, enabling them to withstand the constant day-to-day use within the busy conditions of hospitality and retail sectors.

Uniwell touch screen systems have no cooling fans, meaning no vents to suck in particles of dirt or debris; lack of external vents also means these systems avoid overheating issues from vents being covered by menus, order pads etc. that many other touch screen POS systems suffer from.

All touch screens models can be linked to a range of Back Office software that provide full POS control and comprehensive management information.


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