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ePOS Central

ePOS Central is ideal for multiples needing centralised product control and concise but comprehensive performance and inventory reporting. The system is designed so it that can be tailored to a wide range of businesses, providing exceptional flexibility and control. Whilst ideally suited to bars, restaurants, clubs and small retail outlets, it is also the perfect solution for fast food outlets, providing menu explosion, full recipe breakdown, and ingredient stock control.

ePOS Central can be used in conjunction with ePOS Office, where the POS terminals are connected to a computer on-site running back office ePOS software, or using a VPN, Port Forwarding or FTP Server to establish centralised communications with POS terminals.

ePOS Central provides you with the all the tools you need to make your business more efficient and successful. From quick summaries to detailed reports, ePOS Central gives you the information you need to make profit making and cost saving decisions. Customisable reports give you control - selecting the information that is important to you. Products, mixtures, ingredients, groups, suppliers and price bands are all controlled by head office. This not only ensures consistency but also dramatically reduces on-site workload, whilst allowing delegation of selected POS data contol to selected outlets.

We understand that in an increasingly competitive market place data security is a high priority for the modern business. Our ePOS systems include security features that act at all levels, at site, at head office and during communications. With our head office solution you can rest assured that your business information is in safe hands.

We understand that the head office POS requirements of multiples will always be different. By specialising in enterprise-wide systems, we have accumulated a depth of experience, and a variety of tools, that allow us to configure our systems to a customer's requirements and working practices, whilst retaining overall system integrity and stability. Additional services include an online registration system available 24 hours a day, fully administered data transfer and an online call logging system which has ensured timely and effective responses to all support requests.

Features at a Glance

Powerful EPOS Management: Complete control over your EPOS terminals to allow business decisions to be implemented quickly, whether it’s changes to staff, menu updates, new products, price increases or systems changes.

Remote Communications: Software can be installed on or off-site allowing changes to be made from the comfort of your office wherever it may be.

Automated Report Collection: Automated report collection at the end of shift or end of day.

Business Intelligence: A selection of detailed reports to help you deliver business performance and generate greater profits.

Multiple Price Bands: Link outlets to price bands for easier price management, price files allow different prices for specific times throughout the day and different prices for days of the week.

Daily and Weekly Business Sheets: Secure control over cash and takings so shortfalls are immediately highlighted.

Clever and simple to use Menu System: Helps you to successfully run your business with minimal time and effort.

Multi Outlet Stock Management: Keep track of stock for each outlet including inter-site transfers

Business Intelligence

Operator Analysis: Highlight the most productive / unproductive staff members to award commission or identify training needs. Track sales, voids, corrections, refunds and no sales by operator.

Historical Analysis: Analyse sales trends over days, weeks, months or years. .

Multi-Site Reporting: Analyse sales from multiple sites, individual and consolidated sales reports are available, with the ability to drill down further.

3D Charting Tools: In built charting tools.

Top Sellers: Report on top selling items

Weekly Summary: Your weekly business done sheet, looking at sales receipts, total income, expenses and banking on a day by day basis for the week.

Cash Variance: Compares the cash expected against the actual cash received, helping trace cash variances. .

Area and Concept Reporting: Monitor the activities of geographical areas or business unit concepts.

Sales & Profit Reports: Actual product sales and profitability by date range, for individual or consolidated locations.

Sales Mix: Itemised sales volumes and percentages by date range.

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