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Uniwell HX-6500 Product Release

Published On Thursday 1 Aug 2019
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The new HX-6500 is the latest addition to our popular HX series of POS terminals, designed to empower your business with technology based on Uniwell's over 40 years of POS development experience.

The appearance looks the same as the current model HX-5500. However, the inside is drastically changed.

HX-6500 has dramatically improvement in its CPU performance, compared to the current model HX-5500. The processing speed would be more than ten times faster theoretically.

The memory size of the internal storage device has also increased significantly compared to the current model.

Of course, HX-6500 is as robust and reliable as before.

With the features/capabilities of PC POS architecture, all-in-one embedded POS terminal offers superior reliability and security.

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