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Benefits of EPOS Leasing

Preserve Working Capital:

EPOS system leasing removes the need to tie up valuable cash - so that your cash can be put to better use elsewhere in your business. Leasing allows you to treat the purchase of a new EPOS system as a revenue rather than a capital expense.

Tax Efficient:

Lease rentals are normally 100% tax deductible meaning that all payments can be written off against your taxable profits. This can result in a substantial saving over paying cash.

Low Initial Outlay:

Normally one monthly payment is adequate for the initial deposit.

Fixed Rentals:

Rentals are fixed and not subject to inflation or interest rate hikes. This allows you to budget with confidence that costs will not rise.

Increase Profitability:

Lease the EPOS system now and start to see the benefits of an EPOS system improve your bottom line.

Payment Profiles:

Can be tailored to your needs.

Additional Funding:

Your lease exposure has no impact on existing bank or credit lines.

Easy to Upgrade:

Leasing provides the flexibility to easily and simply upgrade your EPOS system on a regular basis to take advantage of the latest technology and meet changing business requirements.


Comparison of Purchase Options


   Cash  Loan  Lease
 Avoid a large cash deposit  No - 100% of cost  No - down payment often 25%  Yes - 100% financing
 Affect on bank credit line  Balance sheet impact  Decreases credit line  No money borrowed
 Affect on working capital  High front end costs  Down payment requiered  Low front end costs
 Payments  100% now  Payments vary with interest  Fixed payments
 Easy to upgrade system  No  Need to re-apply  Yes
Ability to tailor payment amount  No  No  Yes



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